Published Jun 28, 2003

Into every green garden a little bit of nasty killer beasties must fall I guess. This week, instead of growing fast enough to take over the world, my spearmint and chives have themselves been viciously attacked by Evil Thingies.

The chives suddenly became completely covered by small beetles:
dozens of tiny little black beetles (those little black dots — that’s them!)
I’m going to OSH to see if I can find anything to get rid of these guys. I might look for some ladybugs to eat them, but as I live next to a large garden area, I fear that ladybugs wouldn’t stick around.

The spearmint, from out of nowhere, started getting holes in its leaves, and then a white fuzz grew on them. Then many of these leaves fell off, and now it looks nasty:
raggedy mint I’m cutting off the stricken branches, and I’ll see if stuff goes away.

Either case, I’d rather not use chemicals. These herbs are all meant for the kitchen, and I’d rather not have stuff on them that would render them unsafe to eat. It’s enough I have to wash off the dirt, dust, little critters, etc.