Published Aug 12, 2003

Every weekend I work up a full menu for the coming week; I like to have a dinner and a lunch to cook, as well as the normal sandwich, cereal, etc. Having the two cooked meals ensures that I eat two filling, nutritious and healthy meals every day, as well as breakfast, snacks and other meals. This way I have plenty of energy to go to the gym and work hard on various client Web sites.

By preparing this food myself, I know what goes into what I’m eating and know if it’s more (or less!) healthy than McDonalds. By preparing all of the food ahead of time, I ensure that, every time I get hungry, there’s something healthy to eat in the fridge. This alone has cut down on my fast food runs.

This week, I decided to cook Indian. For dinner, I made a dry cubed pork dish:
a plate of pork, potatoes and salad

For lunch, I made a chicken and peas dish that can be served with rice:
a bowl of chicken and rice

Both very tasty! From Madhur Jaffrey’s Quick And Easy Indian Cooking , a highly recommended Indian cookbook filled with recipes that are easy to make and use ingredients you can really find.

But then I went too far. See, I’m planning to eat these dishes slowly over the course of the week, right? So, why not split everything up into nice individual portions?
three plastic containers Yep, that’s one day’s food — a container of chicken, a container of pork and a container of boiled potatoes. All perfect and ready to be reheated. Maybe a little too perfect.

Yes, I think I’m too prepared this time. And you know what? It’s going to continue, too. Every week, perfectly-sized portions for each day. Just you watch.