Published Sep 23, 2003

After leaving my Web design firm, I took a few months to really think about what I wanted to do next. Going to business school quite has filtered itself to the top of my list, and I’m very excited about the prospect. But the fact is, I’m behind.

Everybody I know who is planning to pursue an MBA, or has gotten one in the past, seems to have started learning about and taking part in the application process six or more months before said applications became due. I’ve only about two months before the first round of deadlines for most of the schools I’d like to attend, and in this time I’ll have to:

  • Learn about visiting schools
  • Learn about off-campus information sessions
  • Prep for and take the GMAT
  • Write essays
  • Procure recommendations

Phew! That’s a lot of work. Better get started. Goals for this week:

  • Learn about and, if possible, register for information sessions for the Northern California schools which I’d like to attend, Haas and Stanford
  • Schedule campus visits at the Southern California schools that interest me (USC, UCLA and UCI)
  • Begin serious GMAT prep (I’ve already registered, for October 15)
  • Conclude upon one far-away out-of-state program to which I can apply as what I’m calling my “Get out of Dodge” option