Published Oct 1, 2003

Since the beginning of this process I’ve felt like I was behind. Most of the folks I know who have decided to go to business school were learning about getting their MBA for a year or more before their applications became due; I only decided to embark upon this journey two months ago.

But today I received external validation that I’m on schedule or maybe even a little ahead. I’ve started calling schools to set up campus visits, so that I can meet students and see classes at a few of the places I might be interested in attending. Feeling behind, I strongly suspected that I’d be one of the last people to call and set up a visit; but instead, I found that the schools are, by and large, not yet ready for me! One, for instance, didn’t start holding visits until October 20th; another hadn’t released the list of classes I’d be able to attend.

It’s nice to know I’m on schedule, but it’s important to not let up and fall behind. I’ve still got a lot to do, so let’s get to it!