Published Dec 14, 2003

Sundays are good days to have something out-of-the-ordinary for breakfast. It’s impossible to be too motivated to work on the last day of rest, football is on the TV, and, having slept in, brunch makes almost as much sense as cereal. I like to make Iron Chef brunches — see what’s in the fridge and concoct something that’s just slightly breakfast-y out of it.

This weekend’s leftovers were some sheep’ milk blue cheese and a leftover organic tomato. I’ve been having tomato problems for a few weeks now — for two or three recipes in a row I’ve put in one less tomato than I’ve bought. Not for any reason, now; it’s just because I forget. I think it has something to do with the fact that I hate cutting tomatoes (perhaps I should invest in a food mill). This morning I opened the refrigerator door and saw an opportunity to get rid of that extra tomato!

The cheese is a different story. I discovered earlier this year that I’m allergic to cow’s milk, so my relationship with cheese has entirely changed. I can have all other kinds of milk, but that does rule out pretty much everything in your grocery’s deli case. I have to slice my own lunch cheese and shred my own pizza cheese. And the cheeses I have to work with? Well, no American Fare In A Bag for me; only actual made-with-skill-and-care small-market goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses. I always loved cheese, but now I love it even more, because it’s no longer just nice, it’s good. This blue cheese was a nice, stinky, sweet and mild cheese that just begged to be melt.

So melt it I did. Put cheese on sliced tomato, stick under toaster oven’s broiler for a few minutes — that’s brunch! Serve with a side of applesauce and some OJ to get your day started out right!

a plate of tomatoes with melted cheese on them