Published Apr 22, 2004

After some obsessing, I’ve decided not to fly to Raleigh-Durham and try to get off the Kenan-Flagler waitlist. It’s really because of my visit to NYU that I’m doing this.

I’ve been in Southern California, more or less happily, for the last ten years. I applied to NYU and UNC as two entirely different opportunities to get out of town and try something new. If I get in, I may indeed choose to go to New York for a change; it would be good to cross against the light have access to actual public transportation.

But what I loved about New York were its urban charms. I liked the big city full of opportunities and undercut by tunnels through which I could rush to said opportunities. I liked 4-, 5-, and more-story buildings. And if that’s what I liked, I’m not sure that bucolic Raleigh-Durham is for me.

And besides, while Stern has pledged to make its decision by the end of this month, Kenan-Flagler won’t tell me if I’m in off the wait list until mid-May. By then, I’ll have had to give my yea or nay to Marshall, and if I gave USC the thumbs down at this point it would be to give the thumbs up to NYU.