Published Apr 24, 2004

Admit weekend: a chance to get to know a school or an emotional roller coaster? Find out in today’s episode!

So, by early Friday I’d begun to think of myself as a Trojan. I was in USC, waitlisted elsewhere, and perhaps I’d just go where they wanted me (although perhaps Groucho would disagree with that approach).

Then I went to the first afternoon of events, and I thought, boy, maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all. I came home, had McDonalds to assuage my soul, and set out to Saturday’s events.

fortunately, I enjoyed Saturday a lot more. Friday, I think, was some bad luck: I didn’t much care for the presentation given by a finance professor, Suh-Pyng Ku, or the talk from Program Director Lida Jennings. I’m not sure there was any fundamental problem with either Dr. Ku or Ms. Jennings; in the morning, I spoke with some other attendees and found that some didn’t dig Dr. Ku and some didn’t go for the talks from other professors. In the case of Director Jenning’s speech, I think I was just too skeptical for my own good; there were enough unfulfilled promises in my undergrad experience that I don’t tend to buy what the administration says. I’ll have to change my attitude to take full advantage of business school.

So I don’t think that I’ve brought anything specifically against Marshall away from this experience. I don’t love the school more than I started out, and I did want to after this weekend, but I don’t like it any less. At any school, I won’t care much for one professor or the other. So, I’m probably a Trojan.

But we’ll see what happens if NYU lets me in.