Published Apr 30, 2004

If two recipes from the Best of Sunset magazine worked, well, I’m just a sucker for a third. The Garbanzo-Tomato Curry struck my eye, so I decided to make it and add some chicken so the recipe would stick to my ribs a little better.

The first question was how to add the chicken. I decided to poach a couple of breasts of chicken and then shred the chicken and add to the curry. Poaching is an easy way to cook without adding flavor or removing moisture, and shredding the chicken, rather than cubing it, would leave more surface area on the meat to pick up the sauce and absorb its flavor. Poaching worked unexpectedly well as the frozen chicken failed to defrost overnight; fortunately, there was no downside to just throwing the icy block into a pot of boiling water and cooking while I defrosted.

I increased the recipe by one-third, since it’s really designed as a side dish, and doubled the spices, so that there would be enough flavor to make the chicken tasty too. Beyond that, it was a pretty simple cooking job.

And the result was everything I’d hoped for from this cookbook. Flavorful and spicy, this is yet another standby simple-but-tasty recipe.