Published Sep 4, 2004

The very first domain name I bought was Back in ‘98 I was working on a sideline project with Alan, the guy I bought Junior from, to sell high-end bird toys online. Someone suggested the name Cleverbird, which fit perfectly. There was even a great logo. But I had other things to do and, soon enough, Alan took his own store online. Cleverbird sat still for a few years; especially after the cost of owning a domain name for a year fell under $10, there was no reason not to keep the domain around for when I might need it.

When I decided to play around with python during the summer, I thought would be a good place to do it. But my python efforts never led to an operational application, so cleverbird never took off.

The way I decided to learn python, however, was interesting: I thought it would be fun to set up and run a python-powered wiki. Wikis are great for organizing and interlinking information. Why not use said wiki to keep track of what I learned at Marshall? So that’s what I’m doing. If I can’t learn some python, at least I can learn some wiki — and keep track of useful info.

So, check it out. And, hey, it’s a collaborative site; if you’ve got something to add, edit it on! Visit