Published Nov 18, 2004

The Marshall Career Development Office has a program in which, every year, they match a small number of students with volunteer alumni mentors. About a month ago, on somwhat of a lark, I applied.

It was a lark because I didn’t really think I’d get it. There are a ton of qualified, ultra-competitive people in my class, and I figured they’d be right on the ball; there are also a number of really bright career-switchers who could use a push in the right direction. Between those two groups, what kind of a chance does a middle-of-the road, reasonably erudite, reasonably set-in-his-ways marketer stand?

Well, I’m always one for a fight, so I put my hat in the ring. Even wrote my first ever non-crappy cover letter for it. And, apparently I got the mentor; out of over 90 applicants, I was one of just 19 selected.

So I now have a really talented alumni mentor, a smart guy who started his own communications business that finds really interesting and unique approaches to marketing. I’m very much looking forward to meeting him and learning new ways to approach the marketing industry. Maybe he can help me find a unique way to package me! At any rate, it’s great to have another opportunity to take everything that Marshall offers. Now, if only Marshall was better at offering a good night’s sleep!