Published Apr 17, 2005

It’s day three of a three-day weekend. And have I chilled out any? Of course not. I spent a whole day on activities. I spent a whole day paying bills and taking care of un-attended-to tasks. I’m in the midst of spending a whole day trying to get a summer job. TiVo has about 30GB of stuff I’d love to watch but Dean Voigt has a lot more stuff I need to do. Yes, it’s clear, what I really need is an intern.

The problem is, I’m getting bogged down in all the little things: shopping for household products, paying taxes, reading cases, making my girlfriend feel valued, eating, etc. What I really need to be doing is getting a good night’s sleep, watching World’s Wildest Police Videos, and drinking vodka tonics.

An intern is the obvious solution to my problem. A nubile young USC undergrad could gain invaluable perspective on the whole business school process, plus great connections with deans and director-level staff that said intern could leverage into a greater chance of admission.

And, from my point of view, I could have someone who could help me out with tasks like mailing bills, figuring out that whole Brazil visa thing, tell me what I’m having for lunch, and keep track of the three projects, one presentation, and five tests that I have in the next 21 days. Because that’s way too much work for me to remember without having need of a padded room.