Published Jun 22, 2005

Come on, you know you want to take my survey. Everyone’s doing it, it won’t hurt. It’ll be fun, you’ll have such a good time.

Don’t you want to be like everyone else? You know, if you don’t take my survey, you’ll never have the chance to have input into what content appears on in the future. You’ll never be able to say, hey, I like the moblog, or hey, I like the political rants or hey, never write another business-related entry again. You wouldn’t want that, would you? No, you want to be popular, you want to hang out with all the people who have input into how this site looks in the future, right?

And it’s in such a pretty gold box at the top of the page. Doesn’t that look cool? Yeah, if it’s cool looking like that then it must be cool itself.

So take my survey! Answer the few questions. It’ll be so easy, you’ll have so much fun, it’ll be good, you’ll see. And then everyone will like you and you’ll be in with the popular crowd. The crowd.