Published Jan 14, 2006

Why not spend it in a way that gives to a charity? Even better, why not spend it in a way that gives to a charity that I support and in a way that makes me look good?

I’m a board member of Challenge for Charity at Marshall, a coalition of business school students raising money in a super-competitive manner (we’re b-school students after all) for Special Olympics. We’ve set things up so that you can spend your money in the usual way and give to Special Olympics as well! Just use this link to shop at Amazon or e-mail your Albertson’s and/or Ralph’s Preferred Card numbers, first and last name, and the address and phone number associated with the card, and I’ll set things up so that 5% of your total shopping goes to Challenge for Charity. Please note that no C4C staff is paid and there is no overhead; all of the money goes straight to Special Olympics. Thanks!