Published Mar 11, 2006

My blog sidebar was getting kind of messy, so I pruned it today. Buttons should lead to things that provide value, and, best of all, I went through all of my links (and my bookmarks!) to include only those sites that I read regularly. So, let me encourage you to check out all of those sites, or, at least, the ones in categories that strike your interest. I cut the infrequent updaters, or those whose content didn’t engage me, or people who had changed their content from when I originally linked then. Heck, I even dropped all of the poker blogs given the, um, challenging-to-read writing that one tends to see in that genre. So, all linkees are guaranteed value-adding. There’s just the one catch: Keith Ferrazi, whose Never Eat Alone blog is linked there, came to speak to my Marshall class and struck us all as a person who had traded meaningful personal relationships for social climbing. That said, he certainly knows how to network and I think we can all take something useful away from what he passes on — just in moderation. So I’m a little uncomfortable linking to that blog, but I think it, too, will provide value. If you think I missed a site I should be checking out, put it in the comments to this entry!