Published Apr 1, 2009

Inspired by my friend Jasmine, I zipped up to Century City to see the L8s Ang3les show at the brand-new Annenberg Space for Photography. L8s Ang3les is a show featuring 11 local photographers, especially some from the LA times; the Annenberg Space is a brand-new gallery trying to bring some culture to the antiseptic, wealth-filled skyscraper-land that is Century City.

The show itself was well worth seeing. Eleven photographers gives quite a variety of content and perspectives, which was both a strength and a weakness — there was something for everyone, but at times the focus and coherence of the show was lost. Still, there food for thought at least, with plenty of ideas for subject matter and techniques. So, good fun.

The gallery also featured a number of multimedia installations, in which we could see additional photos and even hear interviews with the artists talking about their work. I particularly enjoyed that latter movie, but, to be honest, the 6 or 7 total movies playing, plus two tables running Microsoft Surface, was just too much. That part wasn’t really browseable, more like watching a movie.

The gallery itself was gorgeous, with a curving wall dividing off the naturally-lighted area from the main multimedia installation:

Surprisingly enough, in a spacious back room that hosted one of the multimedia exhibits, there was even a kitchen, and bottles of wine:

The Annenberg Space is tucked inside a Century City skyscraper complex, at the corner of Avenue of the Stars and Constellation.

Like all of Century City, this area is a monument to engineering, although a few patches of grass try to make it all seem less sterile.

I’m excited to see what shows they have there next — and excited that there’s a photo gallery in such a photographable spot. It’s not as charming as the gallery district of Culver City, and it has the opposite look — engineering splendor vs. urban decay — but the Annenberg Space for Photography has a ton of potential.