Published Jul 31, 2010

After a little bit of trouble with Disqus — heck, a lot of trouble with Disqus — I’ve switched commenting over to IntenseDebate. It looks like IntenseDebate offers some spiffy features, like built-in AddThis integration (in case anybody should ever want to share any of my claptrap), and the ability to post news of your comments to Facebook (should you ever want to ‘fess up to reading this site, much less having an opinion on what I say). 

The only downside is that Disqus itself was responsible for displaying the comments you all made here, so, since I’ve removed Disqus, all of the comments are gone. Feel free to repost any of your comments that you particularly liked; you can find them in your Disqus account. I can also see the comments in the account for, so if you’d like me to track down any and send them to you, I can do that as well.

So, if my six readers could give this new system a try — see if you can sign up, see if you can comment, see if it works well enough for you in general here — and tell me if you run into any trouble, I’ll either fix it straight away or, since I don’t run the system at all, switch to yet another comment provider.