Published Oct 20, 2010

Back in 1995 I was looking for a summer internship when somehow my job qualification “good with computers” somehow got translated into “can design a Web site.” Which was a little aggressive in those days, back before there were, say, books on how to do a Web site. Nonetheless, I learned how to code HTML and produced what they called, back in those days, a “home page,” by the end of the summer, just in time for my other internship to end.It was a great page. I wish I’d made a screenshot. Gray background (I don’t think you could change the color back then!), black type, blue underlined links, a few centered photos… good times. Later, I added tables to actually put one thing next to the other thing, visually. And tiled backgrounds with swirls and colors. Technology raced ahead.Including the advent of the animated GIF: spinning globes. I called it the World Wade Web. It was filled with pun.And boring as all get-out after about a week. Who needs a site that’s the same every day?Apparently me. After a few years of keeping two blogs (this one and (this one)[]), I realized I just didn’t have that much content in me. So, my namesake sat and got old and boring, which was a waste of a high Google result for my name.But, with all of my stuff spread out over so many services online, I started to feel there was no place that held it all together. So, my new home page: Where I’ve gone back to 1995 to try to hold all my Web 2.0 together. Make it your start page today!