Published Sep 26, 2010

We were on our honeymoon — in Queenstown, NZ — when our one-month anniversary came along. Now, being newlyweds, we were thrilled at any chance to celebrate our wedding, so we went on over to the fanciest restaurant we could find. Then we looked at their price list, and decided to sit down in their lounge and enjoy an appetizer and some cocktails instead. We ended up with a couple of glasses of the local bubbly and a little plate of toast rounds, local goat cheese, and local honey. And boy, it was delicious. Who thinks of cheese and honey? But it’s outstanding. And, when we got home, it just seemed like it should be a tradition.So, every month, on the 12th — that’s the day we got married, folks — we sit down for a dinner of goat cheese and honey and toast or crackers, with some bubbly to go with. Now we’ve had 12 of these great evenings; the first one we were too enamored to shoot, another was in France, and we forgot to take photos back in January, so you’ll only see 9 shots here, but we’ve celebrated all 12, and they’ve all been delicious and perfect. (You’ll notice that we swapped our wedding cake for the cheese for our one-year shot; that was delicious and perfect too!)Cheese, bread, salad, fine salt, flamenco eggs, and our new glasses and water pitcher!Our 3-month annniversaryFor our 5 month anniversaryOur 6-month anniversaryLook at the fancy goat cheese in the foreground!And great wedding gift candlesPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMugFeaturing our new cheese stone!We had a cake dinner!Yeah, there was some mixing it up in there — different cheeses (something peppered works wonderfully), different honeys (we highly recommend Avocado), different sparkling wines, different things going along with the whole plate… we had fun with it. And, of course, with so many good options, and so much to celebrate, we really did have a good time with our monthly celebrations!A different one every month! Our 6-month anniversaryFor our 6-month anniversary!Our 8-month anniversaryTo our love, with rosé!Look who's behind the plate!Today is one year since our second wedding celebration, back out West in Culver City. We both send our thanks out to everyone who made it special on both coasts, and then I’d like to thank Courtney, for saying “OK!” when the waiter put the ring in front of her back on April 29 of last year, and for making this such a wonderful, perfect year for me. Happy Anniversary, baby!