Published Dec 14, 2010

In our house, we have three pets. You may have met some of them in these pages. We have the dog, who is very good:
We have the cockatoo, who is well-meaning and has a sweet heart:
And then there’s the silver pet, who is a little bit more of my pet than my wife’s, perhaps:
Silver pet really likes to think it owns the place. It lounges all over the place, taking up all the best seats:
It even gets into the other pets’ stuff:
Yes, silver pet can be kind of a bully, stealing attention away from everyone else. Which is kind of unfair, because that means that the attention doesn’t go to who it should, the most important pet:
Courtney with flowers
Everybody has their own most important pet. This holiday season, join us here at in getting them something to show them how you feel! Like, for instance, this gorgeous piece of work:
Most Important Pet shirt
Update: Now available in long-sleeved too!
Most Important Pet - Long-Sleeved shirt
Yes, the 2010 t-shirt is all about the most important pet in this household. But, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out some of our other styles from past years, we’ve got shirts for writers, photographers, and foodies as well! Happy Holidays, everybody!