Published Feb 12, 2013

Dear Declan,

Today you smiled at me, and it was the greatest thing I’d ever seen. Now, you’ve been around for not quite three weeks, so I rather suspect that this wide, joyous smile was actually an uncoordinated movement of your face as you tried out your new muscles, but it was sure awesome to look at nonetheless.

It was actually a pretty big day for you. You’ve been a great boy so far, only crying when you actually have something to say; you seem to be particularly irked by a dirty diaper. Oh, and when you’re mad you’re furious — you’re truly your mother’s son, as the line between a little cry and a choking, coughing, beet-red-faced brow-furrower of a scream is as fine as the soft hair on your head. But it’s hard to object when you communicate so consistently!

You’re a bit of a night owl at this age. I’m kind of happy since I get the night feedings around here and appreciate it when you’re up and take a bottle well, but also kind of vexed since I get the night feedings around here and would like to put you down shortly after you’ve finished eating. Hopefully we can help you move to a more daytime schedule.

And there are signs that you (or us? are we that good?) are doing that already. For the last two afternoons and early evenings, you’ve had your eyes wide open for hours at a time, quietly observing the world around you. I wonder what you think of what you can see? At any rate, keep it up; I’d love to see you exhausted at your bedtime, ready to sleep quickly and quietly.

You’re still eating well, which is great — I’m really excited at how fast you’ve been growing, up to an ounce a day now. You’re starting to fill out your newborn clothes!

Every day with you is an adventure, and I can’t wait to see what developmental milestone you hit next.



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