We Mean Business: Out Back Catering

Oct 28, 2008 in Elsewhere

This week’s We Mean Business follows the makeover of Out Back catering, a Southern California catering company that serves down-home food at parties. Out Back has been successful for two decades but has recently seen its bookings and revenue drop. With the founder’s daughter interested in taking a bigger role at the company, our heroes wade in to see what they can do to turn the business around.

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New Toy

Oct 26, 2008 in Photos

I wasn’t really planning to go out this weekend; I was going to stay in, quailing in fear at the economy and enjoying a quiet, slow sort of nervous breakdown in sympathy with said economy. But, this being LA, somehow I ended up at Heath Ledger’s uncle’s garage sale. And there I found this fun thing: Read on…

We Mean Business: Jazyhair

Oct 15, 2008 in Elsewhere

There’s a fun new show on A&E - We Mean Business a small business makeover show. With all the successful personal and home style makeover shows out there, it’s nice to see one just for entrepreneurs. Since I had so much fun blogging about American Inventor here a few years ago, I’m going to weekly summarize the latest We Mean Business episode - and throw in an idea or two about what I think the entrepreneur really should do to make over their business.

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Help Me Resolve This Voting Dilemma

Oct 2, 2008 in Ye Olde Politicks

I made up this metric for who I’d vote for just yesterday. It had the virtues of being simple, of being easy-to-measure, of being relevant, and of being something I… Read on…