Hi, This is My Old Blog

Nov 9, 2013 in Meta

Hi! Welcome to Juniorbird.com. My name’s Wade, and this was my blog from 2001-2013. It was about, well, me, and you can probably learn a lot about me and my journey over that decade-plus period. I’ve pulled out a few of the best entries below, covering a wide variety of topics. In the right column, you’ll find some travelogues I wrote on a few vacations I took over that time; I’m pretty proud of that writing as well. Enjoy!

You can find my new stuff at KaizenDad. Read on…

How to Archive Your Old Blog

Nov 8, 2013 in Meta

I’ve had this blog for twelve years, and during those twelve years it’s lived on many different platforms. It started on something home-baked, switched to Movable Type, then lived on Tumblr, and finally made its home on Wordpress. When it came time to wind things down, I knew I wanted everything in one place. This is how I made that permanent archive. Read on…