Published Mar 18, 2002

I’m having a bad booze night. First I tried to have some beer with dinner. Elizabeth, a wonderful woman with whom we work a great deal, had met with us on Wednesday and left some fancy beers to make up for having drunk a few of ours in past meetings. I decided to try the bottle of Dunkelweizen, which I figured would be some kind of relative to Hefeweizen, a nice wheat-based beer. Well lemme tell ya, I don’t know where the weizen part comes in, but Dunkel must mean “blackberry” because this tasted like fizzy blackberry pancake syrup.

Trying to make up for this, I essayed the rest of the bottle of Syrah I had opened while cooking on Tuesday. Sadly (but predictably), it had turned.

There’s some plans to go out drinking later tonight. I think I’m scared.

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“Dunkel” means dark, and Dunkelweizen is a dark wheat beer.

I had to pour out 2/3 of a bottle of wine recently. Even with a vacuum stopper, and in the fridge, it never keeps more than a week. On the bright side, it was a red that my roommate’s gf had brought, and I didn’t think it was great anyhow. When I lose a wine I really like, I’m always bummed.

(I did briefly debate whether it might be worth sticking it in the garage until it turned into actual vinegar. I’ve never made wine vinegar before. And hey, free wine vinegar!)