Published Sep 9, 2003

My family was out of the house, and, as a young teenager, I wanted to be a bad boy. So I peed in the tub. In dreams, peeing in the tub is apparently surprisingly enjoyable. Later, my little brother, who’s just such a goody-two-shoes, was taking a bath in the tub and I decided to pee in there again. I straddled the tub and peed against the top wall of the tub, near my brother’s head. So he wouldn’t get directly peed upon, my brother took a deep breath and went underwater, while my pee ran down the wall of the tub and into the water my brother was in, coloring it light yellow. My brother’s eyes were squeezed shut very tightly.

When I stopped peeing, my brother broke the surface. His skin was covered with a light green scum, like a tarnish. He dunked himself back under water to clean it off, and I reached in and started to rub his face to clean it. But I just opened a big tear in his cheek! It didn’t bleed, but was just a deep black. He broke the surface again, told me not to help him, and dunked himself again. The tarnish lifted off and his cheek healed. As he came above water again, I asked him: “Am I good like you and dad, or evil like mom?” He just smiled.