Published Sep 22, 2003

Welcome to! This site is an exercise in regular, reasonably high-quality writing and, maybe someday, a resource for information I’ve learned or otherwise collected. will concentrate on four things:

  • Tracking my business school application process, allowing me to see where I have been and, hopefully, helping others to succeed more when they decide to apply to business school in the future
  • Providing an outlet for me to write on technical matters, principally to help me develop my thoughts on matters of interest with which I no longer deal on a daily basis, and also to keep my ideas in one place, in case any of them turn out to be good
  • For a bit of lighter content, showing off my cooking activities, since it’s such a beloved hobby
  • Requiring me to write regularly, both to keep track of all of the information types mentioned above and because I believe that writing all the time makes one a better and a faster writer

I know this will be fun for me, and I hope it will be fun (and potentially edifying) for my readers. Comment away!