Published Sep 15, 2003

Me and the Wonderful Girlfriend went to Ojai, just north of Los Angeles, for a relaxing weekend getaway. It was exactly what we were looking for! We had great treatments (she came back from one literally glowing!), sat beside the pool for way too long, and ate great food at the cafe and at a little place called Suzanne’s. I read the entire latest Harry Potter and the Girlfriend read about 20 pages in The Age Of Innocence. I could go on and on, but how much can I write about doing nothing?

So I’ll just show y’all the pictures.


honey, i only read 17 pages!

Where are the pictures of actual people? ;) For all we know you could’ve taken those from the resort’s website.

See, that’s the difference between me and You People. You People take pictures of friends, family, etc. Us White Folks take pictures of places and scenery, because things are inherently Worth Money, whereas people are only Potentially Worth Money.