Published Oct 8, 2003

What goes on a blog? It’s tempting to say “whatever I like.” But this is not true; the medium is a public one. Thus, content has to pass a kind of “smell test” — is what I write appropriate for everybody? Is it appropriate for those whom I know read the site? Is it appropriate for those whom I don’t know read the site? Is it appropriate for strangers? Is it appropriate for people who find this site through Google in five years?

In an entry I made a few days ago, the content was only appropriate (or useful) for a few ears. There was no reason it should’ve been on a public site. Why did I publish it? Well, a whole bunch of reasons, but reasons can become excuses and excuses aren’t useful.

So: I apologize to those about whom I wrote negatively a few days ago. I should not have impugned you in a public area, and I certainly should not have done so without talking to you first, offline, y’know, like folks have done for 30,000 years now. Now that I’ve talked to you, it’s clear that I was given incorrect information and based my opinions upon that. So not only was I wrong to write about what I felt, I shouldn’t have felt it.

I’ve deleted the entry, as I no longer believe it ever should have been in a public blog. Where does this leave Same place it was before. The abovementioned content was an unexpected topic to add to this site, and I don’t think there is a need for me to have a place to express the kinds of feelings I wrote about then. I’ve got happy, interesting content that I can mostly fill the site with. Well, not so much today, because today I woke up to Governor Schwarzenegger. But there will be jolly, amusing content other days.

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Dude what did you write about that was inappropriate? Who was it about? Can you please post it again? Thanks!