Published Oct 10, 2003

My GMAT is next Wednesday. I’ve practiced every night for the last two weeks, and am much better prepared. I’ve a good idea of what kind of content is needed in the essays (typing complete answers on a computer in 30 minutes won’t pose a problem — I used to write 800-word movie reviews for my college newspaper in less than 45 minutes). I’m making fewer errors in the math section and I feel I can really get my score up.

The first test of this will be tomorrow morning, when I’m planning to take the second of the two practice tests distributed with the POWERPREP software. I’ll be trying to make the experience as similar to the actual test as possible, even starting and ending my test at the scheduled time. This should give me a good idea of how I will actually perform. And, with three full days before the test, I’ll have a chance to practice any question types on which I perform particularly poorly.

I’m very much looking forward to this practice test. It will be very interesting to see how much of a difference all of this studying has made.