Published Oct 11, 2003

One of my friends is applying to law school, and to help this friend learn more about law school I tracked down several law school blogs. Reading these blogs piqued my interest in law school — why not, I asked myself, find good blogs that I can regularly read to better understand the b-school experience?

With a little bit of Googling I was able to find a few dozen blogs kept up by current MBA candidates or b-school applicants. A few of these stood out; I realized they were:

  • Insightful
  • Filled with good stories
  • Well-written
  • Amusing enough to read every few days

This is a pretty high standard to hold a weblog to, and it tells me I’d better shape up with my writing here! So, first, a joke:

A giraffe walks into a bar, pulls himself up a stool next to the door, sits down and asks the bartender for a shot of whiskey. The bartender looks at him funny and asks “So, just what are you?” The giraffe replies “I’m a giraffe, don’t you serve giraffes?” The bartender looks at his shoes for a minute, thinks about it and allows that, well, nobody ever told him not to serve giraffes. So he slides a shot of whiskey down the bar to the giraffe. The giraffe throws the shot back and empties it in one quick swallow, looks sidelong at the bartender and passes out cold on the floor next to his stool. A guy walks into the bar and sees the giraffe laying across the entrance and asks the bartender “Hey, what’s this lyin’ here?” Says the bartender: “That’s no lion, that’s a giraffe!”

Didn’t you enjoy that? And now, the blogs that inspired the above:

MBA Admissions Wire Although the student who kept this blog has now been admitted and has stopped writing, it’s filled with good info on the application process.

Modz’ Blog The daily life of an MBA student and new father

Le MBA, c’est par où? (French Language) The adventures of a French MBA student studying in the US

Confessions of a Sheltered Mind A Wharton MBA candidate

MBAlog Daily life for an MBA student at Cornell

Web Services is the blog of an MBA student with particular interests in the Internet

notes on the adventures of 54 monkeys and the girl A USC MBA candidate — blogging from just a few miles away from me!

MBET Blog Some hoser’s MBA experiences from Canada, eh?

Helen’s Little Space On The Web A Wharton MBA, blogging from philly — I almost went to U. Penn. undergrad, just for the cheese steaks

Ryan’s Hope Another Whartonite

Experiences at Wharton, ‘03-‘05 Pretty self-explanatory, I would hope A view from across the pond, a part-time MBA candidate in sunny Edinburgh

There’s some daily reading for me!


notes on the adventures of 54 monkeys and the girl A USC MBA candidate — blogging from just a few miles away from me!

no longer a candidate—you’ve got all the professors I had last year!