Published Oct 19, 2003

I watched episode one of that World Series thing, and it wasn’t so bad. I mean, at least the Yankees lost a game, right? Means that, this year, they’ll give us a little hope before shooting us down with the inevitable Steinbrenner-financed victory.

I have to admit, I was entirely crushed when the Marlins and Yanks ended up in this year’s Fall Classic. There was so much potential, and all lost! Who wouldn’t have loved a Cubs-Red Sox World Series? Americans are all about sentimental favorites. The ratings would’ve been through the roof, every game would’ve been sold out with passionate fans who cared about baseball, and somebody’s string of bad luck would’ve been broken. Hearts across the country would’ve been warmed.

Instead, fans of the Great Statan Of The New York Metropolitan Area get to see their team in yet another World Series. And the Marlins? Who watches the Marlins? Does anybody in south Florida actually care, or are they too busy plotting to overthrow Castro? We all know it’s the latter.

I feel bad for Chicogoans, sure, but they’re used to it after 50 years of utter futility. The Red Sox made it to the Series just a couple of decades ago but, let’s face it, Sox fans are numb to the futility of it. So, while it’s a sad story, I don’t feel sorry for Bostonians either.

No, the people I really feel sorry for are the folks at Fox Broadcasting. They’re stuck with this dud of a series when we could’ve had a historic good time. Now that’s just uncapitalistic! Where’s the folks fixing the games when you need ‘em?