Published Dec 7, 2003

Business school applications have a lot of pieces, and I sure don’t want to miss any of them. So I decided to get organized. Getting organized is a wonderful thing: either you get your act together, have everything in the right place and are ready to forge ahead, or you create a great deal of the old sturm und drang and can at least tell yourself you’ve been working.

I principally need to keep a simple list of application tasks and their status. I used one of my favorite programs, OmniOutliner to build a list of all of the tasks, with checkboxes for task completions, due dates for applications and even pop-up menus from which I can select recommenders.
a list of tasks, as described above

The above will probably be refined as I move along in the application process, but it’s a good start. I already better understand what tasks still remain. For the three people it will help, I’ve put the first version up here.

Thanks to my list, not only have I not forgotten the username and passwords to any of my applications, I’ve also figured out that the next thing I need to do is talk to my recommenders.