Published Aug 24, 2004

So at some point in time it seemed like a good idea to start drinking coffee to get going in the morning. This quickly progressed to a venti soy latte every day (following a quest to find a Starbucks that sells soy somewhere on campus). Hey, it wakes me up.

But not after today. Starting tomorrow, it’s a tall soy latte. And I’m going to make that up with more sleep. For real! Six hours is now my official minimum, not my target; if I don’t have an 8am class, it’s seven hours, non-negotiable, excepting complete disaster. Sleep is important for me, and I don’t seem to be one of those people who gets along well with four hours of shut-eye. If I want to stay awake through class, the best thing seems not to be to drug myself against sleep but instead to not be tired in the first place. I realize this puts me in opposition to the stated goals of the Marshall School, but, hey, my bed is comfy and its cost has not yet been fully depreciated.

The no-caffeine thing will also help with the working out thing. I hit the Lyon Center gym for the first time today and actually got some exercise; I think I need to put workout times on my calendar next. Caffeine doesn’t play well with exercise so I’ll be happy to improve my endurance by upping my water intake and dropping out the venti lattes. If only the choice weren’t $4 small-sized bottles of water vs. skanky tap water. Maybe I could keep a 2-liter Arrowhead in my 1/3 locker?

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my caffeine intake stops as soon as my gift cards run out of money!