Published Sep 15, 2004

While there are many important and pressing political issues and I’m a very political individual with a lot of political views, this blog is, most of all, about things that are important to me. And, right now, Fantasy Football is inappropriately important to me. Scary important to me. Like, I get antsy in class if I haven’t checked some more stats to see if there’s another reciever I should pick up since the ones I drafted suck or are holding out. This is why I only played fantasy football once before! This is why I wasn’t going to play fantasy football this year. But what was I to do? I was just sitting in the courtyard and they said “we’ve lost one of our fantasy players, does anybody out there like football?”

So, with about two minutes of preparation, I drafted. Drafted sixth out of twelve, specifically. And not bad for such little time to think about it! I got Tom Brady and Jake Plummer and T.O. and Jamal Lewis and Quentin Griffin and Adam Vinatieri and I very nearly laid 100 points on my opposition this week so it started out well.

But I get to carry 3 recievers and my second draft — I said I only had about two minutes to prepare, remember — was Keenan McCardell. The holdout wasn’t a pissing match yet then but now it’s a penis-measuring contest which means my supposed #2 reciever ain’t starting for the Bucs this year. But I don’t want to drop him because he might get traded and then I’d have a real #2 reciever. So I picked up Ashley Lelie to go with my Rod Smith — I figure half of that matched pair will become Plummer’s go-to guy and get me some real points — and Bobby Engram, because maybe Hasselbeck ain’t too bad, and Az Hakim, because Joey Harrington aind the Lions dont’t suck quite so badly anymore. Hopefully one of those will get me enough weekly points that I don’t need to trade someone (Rich Gannon [bench] + one of my recievers + Willie Green [bench]?) for a real reciever.

Until then, it’s check the stats and the matchups and about six times a day. Oh, who am I kidding — it’s about twelve times.