Published Sep 11, 2004

I like big boots.

I do whatever I feel like I wanna do, gosh!

I sadly lack the appropriate comeback.

I make up outrageous stories. Especially about my loser summer vacation.

I’m pretty good with a bo staff. Wait, I’m not.

I have mad drawing skills.

I had a girlfriend but she didn’t live in town ya know right?

High school? Worst day of my life!

Liger = cool (jackalope = cooler, basselope = coolest)

The defect in this post is… bleach.

Mmmm tots.

I got left behind at the dance.

I tried to jump my BMX bike. Crash!

Aqua is always a good fashion choice!

Bargain bin at Ross = fun!

I am invulnerable to many common flirting techniques

Girls are scary

I am an expert at being the third wheel

Grandma is waaaaay more fun than I am.

Annoying mouth noises.

Always hanging out with Mexicans.

I just wish I could dance like that!


so cute!

PS there’s a girl in my class who love Harry Pooter more than you do…she went to a HP convention in Florida!!!

You mistake the ability to read the latest Harry Potter in a day and a half for an inordinate love of the series. It’s a fun escape, but I’m not dressing up for quidditch!

oh i’m sure you guys would love to chat about HP—plus we have to set her up with one of your B-school friends!

Is she latina? If so, my one friend would like to meet her…

in anticipation of reading your next entry,
I keep seeing the first line over and over.

Why, WHY do I keep waiting for it to change to
“I like big BOOTS and I cannot lie…..”

I LOVE Napoleon…. favorite scene is that of Napoloen calling Kip to come take him home.. I LOVE chapstick too! Oh and as a non-HP fan… I think ya’ll be crazy!

HP lover is not Latina, sorry—she’s a JAP.

Is she busty? ‘Cause I can sell well-endowed girls…

yes…she’s reading this blog now, so we better be nice! she’s 27 and a PhD! she’s funny too!

Yay! My audience has increased by 1 — nearly 25%! :-p