Published Feb 1, 2005

Mike Ness notwithstanding, today started out great. I got up rested, motored right though a bunch of homework, and had a great workout. But then it started.

First, I went to Baja Fresh for lunch. I do this all the time. I ordered a Baja Burrito with no cheese. I get a Baja Burrito with no Pico de Gallo. I send it back for a Baja Burrito with Pico but no cheese. I get home and discover I have a Baja Burrito with Pico and with cheese. But I’m starving from my workout so I eat it. And the effect on my stomach is predictable.

I sit down to eat my burrito and what’s in my inbox but an e-mail from Mattel! I interviewed with Mattel last week and had a great time doing it, and really felt like I had a shot at at least a second-round interview for the summer internship. But the e-mail didn’t say that; very nicely, it told me that I wouldn’t advance to the next round. Not entirely unexpected, because I think I was really great and also really bad in that interview, but I thought I’d advance to the next round. In the end, I’m not sure the job was right for me — of course, I wanted the chance to find out — and I am sure that I can learn a lot about interviewing better in the future.

Now pardon me while I go and poop.


I love reading Wade’s Blog BUT the poop reference is a bit much, I already talk to B regardng such things.

PS when ordering things sans cheese, always say you’re allergic when ordering; it scares people that you may die if you eat it and thus sue the establishment.

Well, the one time in 300 that I order the burrito and the screw it up I’m not going to worry about. It was, I thought, exemplary of the day.

Nice to know that you and B always speak of my bowel movements.

Oh, I get it, you hear about B’s poopies too much. Guess what my place smells like of a weekend!

Not that I don’t love her incredibly, more than anyone else ever.