Published Sep 2, 2005

Fells Point is one of the oldest, most beautiful, and most fun parts of Baltimore, so of course I had to take pictures when I was there. And, then, provide them to you on this blog, complete with click-to-zoom facility.


The main feature of Fell’s Point that I remember is the Orpheum. (Or was it Orpheus?) They showed cool movies (like old Akira Kurosawa flicks), and they hosted a goth night once a month.

yay the homicide building!!! woo!!!i told you i was the nerd with the dvd set of season one right? and the only reason i dont have the rest of them is because im a lazy bastard right?

so not only did we take exactly the same photo of that door but i love the turret building, the square turret at the top, i wish i could live there…