Published Sep 11, 2005

Hello! How are you? I’m a pretty bird! Whatcha doin’? Today I got groomed! I wasn’t planning on it — I was going to sit on my boing and arrange my feathers precisely, put my plastic toys in my water (so they soften up and I can destroy them), then drag my wooden toys along the bottom of my cage to make that loud noise. Fun, huh?

But, instead, my dad took me out of my cage and stuffed me, struggling, in my travel cage at about noon. Then he trucked me into the back seat of his car. I got to see the outside! It was sunny. I made sure to look upwards in case there were raptors looking to eat us, so I could see them first and warn him.

I like my new travel cage. It’s not like my old carrier; it’s big and spacious and I can hang on to the side and see out the front of the car and look out the windows too. And there’s even enough room for my dad to reach over and scratch me!

But I don’t like traveling in the car. It’s fun when we drive on the freeway, like when we came back from Phoenix, but it’s awful on the surface streets. All starts and stops and bumps. Bumps are scary! Every time we go over a bump I have to say “hello!” to my dad to make sure that he knows that it was scary and doesn’t forget to check on me! And oh so many turns! He turns so fast, my dad, and makes me hold on so hard with my beak and my feet. I also have to hold on hard when he brakes. I don’t like slowing down, I like going fast and straight! When my dad slows and turns it makes me feel dizzy and then my stomach hurts. Today I threw up in my cage. It was like sneezing seed everywhere! I felt so sick but I said “hello!” to make sure my dad said “hello!” back so I knew he still liked me.

But I got back at him. I projectile-pooped on the back seat! Take that, fine Coach leather.

Then he took me into the bird store to get trimmed. I said hello! to all of the gay men at the Coffee Bean next door, and hello! to the homeless man who was in the store talking to the birds. He talked to me while my dad looked for new toys for me. Then the skinny lady in the IDF t-shirt took me out, I was so happy to get attention! If only she hadn’t wrapped me in a towel. Then I heard the other man turn on his Dremel and I got scared! He trimmed my nails and smoothed out my beak and then he clipped my wings. I squealed and squealed but my dad only looked through the toys harder. When I squealed more he even went and played with other birds. I didn’t feel like a pretty bird then.

Then the skinny girl put me back in my travel cage and my dad took me back to the car. I felt awful! And on the way back I threw up again. Then my dad let me hide in my cage in my room all afternoon. In the middle of the afternoon he put up my new toy, which was kind of nice. And, when he was watching the Baltimore-Indianapolis game later (which for some reason caused him to scream in pain, which I ignored, since he’d ignored me), I sat on my tree and went to sleep for a while. I hope I don’t have a day like this again anytime soon.


What is it with your links lately?

Two of the most recent three concern people I’m acquainted with — I took a class with Doug Tygar while I was a grad student, and I’ve met Jo Walton at cons (she’s SH-connected).

I must be feeling left-y lately!

that was TOO cute.

im wondering who you pulled for in the football game? its all anyone could talk about yesterday at work. well, aside from me of course, i sure as hell didnt watch a football game


hi to poor junior. its trauma anytime small animals go in the car

Umm, I’m from Baltimore, so naturally I must root against the traitorous Colts and for the valiant, if undermanned, Ravens.

They actually have classes for the first-years on “how to get into football”. Basically, the idea is, you can approach most people in a business setting and talk about football, even senior execs. It’s a great networking tool.

dude of course. the ravens. the colts are definitely traitorous harlots that snuck away in shame in the middle of a dark and stormy night…or so the story goes, right?! :)

i put 20 dollars into a fantasy football league and i dont even do anything.

That’s not just how the story goes, that’s how I remember it! I was tremendously confused by the TV news programs telling me the Colts were leaving town, being only 7 and not understanding such things.

I wonder if I’d ever be able to use Mayflower to move?

Don’t be that person. Work on your league! Nickie will know how to help you win (I lost my opening game in both of my leagues, so I probably don’t know how to help you win).

i was beating someone, and my manager was taking care of it
so i think i have some guy named favre
thats good, right?

Not this week!

But maybe in future weeks. Ol’ Brett has produced in the past.