Published Oct 12, 2005

I thought it might be important for you, the two members of my reading public, that I post before I die of what may in fact be the Deadly Avian Flu (certainly, I am regularly exposed to a bird).

Actually, this is a pretty miserable thing I’ve got, whatever it is. Congestion, fever, aches — sounds like a flu of some sort. I can’t believe it so early in the year, I’m usually one of the last people to get the flu. While everyone is getting sick in November and December, I typically last ‘til February or even April, when people just think I’m making up this whole “flu” thing.

In college, you could always trace romantic engagements by following the path of various contagious ailments. You’d see flu or strep throat move in a straight line from person A to person F because A kissed B, then B kissed C, C slept with D, and D and E both hooked up with a lucky F at that one party. Not so in Business School, which actually includes a lot more School and a lot less Business.

I’d like to go home and hide under my covers for a while right now, but I can’t. That’s not because I’m worried that my prof will notice I’m not in my 6:30-9:30pm class — although I’m sure she will, since she takes attendance, cold calls, and I sit directly in the middle of the caseroom — it’s because I can’t forfeit in tonight’s cooking competition.

See, my friend Shannon and I compete ever Wednesday night to see who’s brought the tastier food to class. We both cook and we both bring tasty homemade food in and microwave it during the break in the middle of class. After a few weeks of noticing that we both cooked, we started tasting each others’ foods; then, somehow, it naturally turned to competiton. Whose dish is better? It’s a question of how challenging the dish is, how tasty it turns out, and how well-execute it is. So far, I’m 3-0, although I won last week because Shannon burnt her chicken on her brand-new grill; her dish was better than mine and she would’ve won except for the excessive flavor of carbon.

Obviously, I can’t skip out on a chance to redeem myself like tonight. I need to take it home again, and I think I can with my BBQ chicken (homemade sauce, it all has to be homemade) and garlic mashed potatoes. We’ll see at about 8pm! If I can make it that long.


I guess the concept of competitive cooking with my future classmates makes up for learning that I won’t be able to seduce them home to join in kinky threesomes.

What gives you that impression? There’s at least one out poly person in our relatively small class (smaller than Haas’s, I believe), and plenty of other party people.

I mean, b-school might not be the right pick-up place for you, it’s true, but there’s probably some possibilities out there.

As for me, the cooking competition is more attractive (at this point).

I was just humorously reacting to paragraph 3. g

Ah, I should’ve paid attention to my own writing! Damn you observant, detail-oriented people!