Published Oct 20, 2005

Today was an interesting day, a day that offered me a unique range of the experiences avaialable at business school. Or — in another way to look at it — I got to build up my bad karma, then reap the rewards.

So today Toastmasters had a big outside speaker. I’d done publicity (poorly), planning (well, remarkably), and people were there! And the speaker was there! And the room we’d reserved a month ago was there! And there were people in the room! From Del Monte! To recruit students! And I accidentally told them off! Thus the bad karma.

But I was super-nice to the scheduling people, and we had a new room in fifteen minutes. And the speech was great. Everyone loved it, and they learned from it, and I would have too, except I stepped out to get the speaker’s gift (I was going to get it before the speech, but spent that time trying to find a new room instead), and, when I returned, found myself locked out. I was let back in by a kind savior about 2/3 of the way into the speech.

Then, for the afternoon, I skipped class to write a paper, a paper that should have taken 90 minutes but somehow managed to take 3 hours. Still, I learned a lot writing it.

But my comeuppance was still to, um, come. Remember that class I skipped? Well, there I was, typing away in the courtyard, and along comes the professor. Apparently he saw me and asked my supposed friends “hey, should I go over and talk to him?” They said yes! So he came over, we discussed my absence, I promised to attend next week and participate fully (I usually participate, so I thought I could get a freebie). He seemed skeptical. But I had been punished, at least a little, for yelling at Del Monte.

Actually, I still feel bad about it. I might pass on a message to them through the Career Center. I’m a bad Trojan!