Published Oct 21, 2005

I haven’t shot black-and-white film since college, but, now that I’m back into photography, I’ve been itching for the chance. Well, itching and fearing it; it’s very different to shoot black-and-white than it is to shoot color. With color film, you’re trying to reporduce the world as it is, or to highlight certain juxtapositions of colors, while, for black-and-white, you’re more interested in shapes, lines, tones, and patterns. This is a different task, and, hardest of all, requires a set of thought processes that are very different from the visual thought processes that one uses when going through the world.

When the Art Society planned a tour of downtown architecture, I saw my chance to finally take on that black-and-white challenge. The tour was great, starting at the Biltmore, running through Persing Square, past Angels Flight and the Grand Central Market, and ending at the Million Dollar Theater and Bradbury Building. Three rolls of film later, I have some idea of where I am in the whole shooting black-and-white thing. Oh, and what downtown looks like. Oh, and that I need to make sure to save film for the Bradbury Building next time.

So, without further ado, here are a few of the highlights:

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your pics are beautiful!!!!!
did you not get any at the bradbury building? or am i forgetting what it looked like?


None from the Bradbury Building; I ran out of film before I got there. A real lesson about planning.

thats ok. you can always go back.
i went there at some point when i was living there and thought it was just a stunning building