Published Nov 10, 2005

I won again this week; my masala chicken was spicy and flavorful and had a spectacular sauce. Ahh, that was a fine sauce. But there was one problem: The sauce was made with cream.

I cook with low fat. I cook with low salt. Or, that’s my self-image, anyway. But I am also competitive. I like to win and I will do what I can — within the rules, within the bounds of ethics — to win. And, lately, that’s meant butter and cream and salt. These wondrous foods, these incredible components of classic cuisine, these are my secret weapons in my quest to dominate the dinner competition. My sauces are creamier and thicker, my starches smooth and delicious, my flavors piquant and vivid. My food is good, dammit, and I know why Escoffier included these across-the-board in his foods and recipes.

But I feel some guilt too. It’s great to have tasty food, but I definitely do not want to die at 54 from tasty food (and a heart attack). And I know my competition cooks healthy, so I worry that I’m slipping one past them on their diet (although how much can two bites hurt them?). Maybe I have a bit to learn about making smooth, rich purees, silky sauces, and flavorful meats using other tricks. But, until then, I’m going to win, dammit, and make ol’ Georges Auguste proud.


butter and cream are my best friends! those pesky frenchmen know what theyre doing and they live forever and look beautiful and drink a lot of wine

the oils keep your joints lubricated

i know youre lactose intolerant and all but i must say, death to low fat!!! viva la creme!! woo woo!

you pick a day, I’ll give you a top-secret cooking lesson.