Published Dec 16, 2005

Since I can’t eat cow’s milk, my life has been rather ice cream-free lately. Sure, there are soy- and rice-based substitutes, but, with a few exceptions, they’re pretty mediocre. My friend, Chef JoAnna has been bugging me to get an ice cream maker and make my own out of goat’s milk. Finally she got me to come over to her place and get trained in the mystic art of custard-making and -freezing. Check the whole story out!


Wow, looks lovely, but at $8 + shipping, not a long-term solution. Still, mmmmmmm just thinking about it.

The Whole Foods and Andronico’s in Palo Alto both have both been known to carry it. And if the ones near you don’t, you can submit a suggestion card to your favorite upscale grocer in your neighborhood.