Published May 1, 2006

Being now a man of leisure, I took most of the day off to head downtown and take some photographs of the protest for immigrants’ rights. Coincident with an immigrant boycott of all business around the country, marches like these were designed to bring the current absurd lack of meaningful policy conversation, much less reform, into the spotlight. We’ll be lucky if they succeed.

Anyway, the pictures. So, apart from being a flaming liberal, I also wanted to learn more about my camera and maybe get some practice shooting people — because I’m awful at that. What better than a large, orderly protest march? So along I walked, the length of downtown, to the strains of “el pueblo, unido/jamás sera vencido”.

American flags were everywhere, and I gathered that most people wanted nothing so much as to actually gain citizenship and thrive in this country. Now that’s a plan I can get behind. I started out at the middle of the march and then worked my way to the head, taking pictures as I walked. Pretty much every frame is overexposed and I had too much depth of field in most shots but, oh well, that’s what learning’s for!

More on my Smugmug site; and check out my friend Vance’s (much superior) photos of the event.


Superior, NOT. Very tough event to shoot. Wish I had staked out some balconies or roof tops ahead of time. I don’t think I will ever be good at candids, because I’m just too self-conscious aiming at people. You got some good shots. Of the ones above, I really like the 2nd and last ones.

my friend jim got some good photos too:

Why is it that geeks like photography so much?

it gives them a way of being around people without having to interact with them.

I like Geoff’s insight…

and I like your photos, too.

Btw, I’m totally a geek, so I include myself when I say “them”.

The only difference is I need a better camera. And some mad photography skilz.