Published May 28, 2006

Junior has a new best friend, a new person whom he seems to love more than all others. When I had to leave town recently, Rick — who used to own parrots — took care of Junior. Ever since, Junior has been madly in love. Junior sits in his cage staring out the window, waiting for Rick to walk past, to his bike or garage; then, when Rick’s out there, Junior starts talking sweetly and then yelling “hello!” to his new friend outside the window. Yes, Junior’s head over heels. Fortunately, Rick seems to like him back.

Junior’s new friendship comes with some bonuses:

I hope that my bird end up having some time for me!


Hey, Rick looks like he has some good news for us…

rick is HOT!! but you’re way hotter.

Those are great pictures. I especially love the first one. What an adorable blog entry!