Published Oct 18, 2006

I hate my job; I spend all of my day fooling with financial projections, and when I don’t get everything done that I’m supposed to, my boss hassles me and makes me feel like I’m a failure. Dammit, it’s just no fun at all.

Did I mention lately that it’s my own company and I’m my own boss? Yeah, that’s how it is. It’s tough when there’s work you don’t really enjoy doing (hey, if I truly loved balance sheets, I’d have gotten a job as an I-banker). But it’s all got a good reason for getting done — otherwise I wouldn’t do it. Now that is one benefit of being in charge, I only do what’s worth doing.

So what’s worth doing is getting my financials forecasted out to the highest possible level of detail. I actually rather enjoy putting together the cash flow statement, because that’s where the rubber really meets the road: it answers the question “can we cover our expenses this month?” The income statement is moderately handy, because at least it tells me if we’re making a profit or not. But the balance sheet? Well, that’s great if you’re doing strategic planning or valuation for a large corporation, but of less value if you’re asking whether or not you can stay alive another week.

So, yeah, I’m bored of my work, but that’s good, because I left the boring stuff for last. So that means I must be almost done, and, if I’m almost done, then things must be about ready to happen. And that’s exciting, ‘cause I’d like to be actually, ya know, doing something. And my own company is agreat place for that to happen.

Anyway, it’s either that or move to Vietnam. For the food, you know, and the women, and the colors.


Hi Tiger. Keep kicking your ass, ya know, doing something, doing what you love, creating,… your path. Vietnam sounds nice… except for the women part, ya know.
Love, Vivian

I know, I’ll keep it up. It’s not that I can’t do a balance sheet — I did a good half dozen of them in b-school — it’s just that I can think of a million better things.

Oh well, the balance sheet is now done, so it’s onwards and upwards to better things. Well, more fun things anyway.