Published Nov 16, 2006

There’s this overpass crossing the 405 near me, on Palms between Sepulveda and Sawtelle. They’ve been doing something to this bridge for nearly two years now, and have blocked off half of it to traffic. Unfortunately the blocked half is the good half, visually — every time I go past at night, I see miles of the 405 stretching downhill towards LAX, traffic bumper-to-bumper as it is on that fine freeway, just past the wooden scaffolding that the construction crew put up. To thousands, these red and white dotted lines track the futility of their commutes; to me, they look like great photography. Walk past the “construction - do not enter!” signs, throw in a little soft focus and shutter drag, and you get the below!

(I seriously can’t decide if I like the speckled lens flare in the two above; it’s kinda funky, huh? Also, obviously I can’t decide if I like sharp or soft focus for that shot.)


mmm lights….i fondled the nikon macro lens today. holy fucking shit.

and that, my dear, is a beautiful thing ;)