Published Apr 14, 2007

So, not only did I get an MBA, but I had my identity stolen from two schools (USC and UCLA), and now am apparently peripherally involved in an IRS at a school to which I didn’t even go. To wit:

The UCLA campus is currently undergoing a payroll audit being conducted by the Internal Revenue Service. As part of the audit, the IRS has provided UCLA with a summons requesting computer accessible records for all payroll, accounts payable, student accounting, and other financial transactions processed by the campus in 2004. The purpose of the audit is to confirm that UCLA properly reported and withheld tax in connection with taxable payments it made in 2004.

Super. Please, investigate using my personal information. I’m excited about it. However, don’t disabuse me of my illusions; go ahead and let some investigators steal my identity and use it for their purposes. That’s what precedent says will happen, so let’s not draw it out, let’s just get on with it.

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That’ll teach you to get on Dick Cheney’s shit list.