Published Jun 11, 2007

It was late, and the sun was going down, and I was looking forward to seeing the AIG. So I was happy when she called me, and a little surprised when the call turned out to be not for dinner, but to take some pictures for her work. I had to rush; light would fail shortly. But when I got over, there was an unexpected payoff:1 the pictures were to be taken with a bunch of Lomos. OK, this would be fun.

So I got to shoot a few rolls with a Colorsplash, an Actionsampler Flash, and an Archie McPhee SplitCam. And now you get to look at my photos! I wonder which one of us is luckier?

The Actionsampler takes four shots, a split-second apart, on one frame.

The Colorsplash has a colored flash that delivers vivid tonal changes.

The SplitCam lets you expose half the frame in one shot and the other half in another, making it easy to stick together disparate objects.

Yep, fun is a good word!

1 Besides, that is, the AIG herself.


Coool. That looks fun! I love the colors on the sky and flower shot, the one of Courteney with flowers as her head, and the bike shot!

These are fantastico! I (heart) the flying bear photos…I want a print of the bottom right one, por favor. 24”×30”…get crackin!

Wow — my pet’s pet is famous! Since your friend got that it was a “flying bear,” I guess the pics aren’t as “abstract” as we thought. I hope I get to throw stuffed animals at your head while you’re prone on concrete again soon. F-U-N for me!