Published Jul 2, 2007

I realized I was all grown up late last week. It’s been quite hot here in Southern California, and my apartment has enough power to run either my air conditioner or the freezer chest for the chemical ice my company ships with. I bet you can guess who wins that. Anyway, it’s hot. And usually hot weather makes me want good things, like Lik-M-Aid, Big Red soda, and fried dough. But, this summer, it made me want fruit.

So I went out to the corner Halal Carneceria and 99 Cent Produce Mart, and came away with a bounty of apples, lychees, and honeydew melons. Putting all of my fruit into a bowl, I sure felt like an adult. Eating my fruit outside, in the sun, I sure felt like an adult. And, then, when I cut my melon in half and saw what was inside, well, I knew nature felt I was an adult too, because otherwise my melon sure wouldn’t’ve looked like the totally un-Photoshopped image below:


Jesus Christ. Isn’t that quite the mental image.

I hope you two are very happy together.

Thank you for not showing us the “after” photo.

that looks like one juicy honeydew. way to pick ‘em.