Published Aug 13, 2007

Let the official record show, today Junior said a new word. He said it clearly, loudly, and proudly, and I do think I’ll hear it again! I got out of bed, uncovered his cage, walked out of my bedroom and was called back with a boisterous “good morning!”

I’d said those words every morning when I uncovered Junior, greeting him and then giving him his breakfast (Junior hasn’t yet learned the word “breakfast” — or any other food-related word). But he’d never said anything back. Today he did! I hope he does tomorrow.

Junior’s actually been doing well with the words lately — the AIG is convinced that he said her name (he might have, but he’s not a big name-user), and, the other day, when we were playing the game where I bounce him up and down on my hand,1 he repeatedly said a nice clear “woooo.”2 So, perhaps he’s got a lot to say these days.

Cockatoos aren’t good talkers in general, but it’s always fun when Junior learns to say something new, because he always uses words with very specific meaning. Even better, he always goes on to combine his words into new phrases. For instance, he made up “pretty white bird,” “who’s the bird?” and “[insert adjective — white, cute, pretty, etc.] birdy bird!” (He also made up birdy, so far as I know.)

Talking pets are fun.

1 A game he loves when he’s already worked up, and one which seems to burn off energy in a good way.

2 I was trying to get him say “whee!” but I guess Junior’s more of a cracker.